That Doghouse Music

by PeePaw and the Chains

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Eric Schwarz Great original songs. The style is original and entertaining. Fantastic music compositions, melodic, rhythmic, harmony and counterpoint....Thank You. Write More! Favorite track: Damn That Stingy Merlot.
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These songs were written by PeePaw in a shack somewhere along Indian Valley Rd in Monterey County, CA. They were recorded in a bedroom in Saybrook, OH by Jacob Hill.

When we are finished writing and recording and we get some mixes we are happy with we are going to create physical copies.

If you've already purchased these tracks and they change, more are added, or the pay what you want price goes away email me at and I'll send you the new stuff. Also you can email me and say whats up or ask us to play a show.

If you are an artist of any kind or caliber contact us to collaborate don't be a stranger.


released January 25, 2017

Give thanks to the PeePaw and his chain boys Jacob Grant Hill, J Dean, Aaron, Tyler, and Shawn Spencer.

Recorded at the pink cottage by the lake in Jacob Grant Hill's bedroom with his mics and programs. they record music.



all rights reserved


PeePaw and the Chains Ashtabula, Ohio

PeePaw and The Chains current line up includes PeePaw himself, Junior, and the bass player from Crypt Rot

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Track Name: That Doghouse Music
There's a moon sailing over the sea tonight
It's shining red like your true eyes
That only look you shoot that I believe
Those big bright red tail lights
You'll find a man to play tonight
It's the stray dog's life for me
I might be a mangy pup baby at least I ain't no flea
Bow wow wow wow
I just want to cum
I don't want to sit or stay
I ain't gonna be no loyal dog starving to death
on his owners grave
If you blink son I'll clean your plate
check the fridge there's nothing there
I even ate the flesh off your street last night
till them raccoon bones were bare
Bow Wow wow wow
I'm a transient coyote
I'm a menace the rabid pest
I'm living in the cracks between the damned and the godblessed
get down back where you belong walk among us on all fours
take a whif of that ancestral alpha territory pissing war
bow wow wow wow
Track Name: Damn That Stingy Merlot
Odie Rattler he's never coming home
He wandered off with Stingy Merlot
Scars everywhere and something in their eyes
Shakespeare himself, couldn't have described
He ain't been clean since before you were born
his heart hangs from a chain and he's covered it in thorns
His pops buried himself, then he laid there till he died
He ain't looked up from his shoes since 1989
Well Odie I heard Stingy stole your sweater
and ran off with a brand new friend
I hear that he's from Texas
Was released just last Christmas
And they say he don't give a damn
Odie lost the last thing left to lose
You can't maintain a friendship with a hobo that don't share his booze
Odie are you in Arcata tonight?
They got free soup at the plaza
It's making everything alright
Are you screaming out in church
Are you spitting on the crowds
won't say a word during sex
go start a fire with your shirt
Odie Rattler is never coming home
Track Name: Tim Spencer Alley
Tim Spencer Alley is a good place for a boy
to hide and drink alone
so climb that rooftop over that restaurant
ring up your buddy's phone
50 degrees Davis in January
It's a good place to go
So grab a six pack and hit the road
Never felt good at home
They're rocking steady
Over on G Street
Got a full house tonight
But I can't stand that barman and his comments
Give you his opinions all night
Tim Spencer Alley is the drinking spot for me
I like the moonlight and the dogs
So if you need me I'm in the alley
I'm in the dark and I'm drunk again
Track Name: Old Fashioned
I hear that freight train rolling in...
Track Name: Red Wine Drunk Eyes